Fresh cranberries

I have always wanted to try and make cranberry sauce from fresh berries, but never seemed to have the time to experiment with recipes.

Yesterday I tried a recipe that is so wonderful and so no fail I had to share.

This is for about what you would get in a can or 6 servings

1/4 cup of the following

orange juice

water brown sugar


1 cup fresh cranberries

1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Combine juice,water, sugars and  in a slow cooker. Then stir in the berries .Cook on high for 3 hours – stir one an hour.

Remove the lid give it a good stir and keep cooking on High with the lid removed for about 45 more minutes or until the sauce has thickened.

I promise you  this is the best cranberries you have ever had and it is so easy to makeImageImage

A bit of background

Just to get this relationship off in the right direction. I want to tell you a bit about myself and our home.

 So about  a year ago  we were living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida  working two big burn out jobs, mine as a social worker and a part time photographer and my husband a psych nurse. We had a small 1930’s bungalow that we had remodeled and loved but with the housing market on the skids our home wasn’t worth a fraction of what we paid and that didn’t even incude include the 60K in remodeling.

We had for a few years been looking at other places to retire and even went to a couple of other countries to check things out. Although the places were beautiful and some very afforable, we felt we would always be strangers, the USA warts and all is our home.

My husband used to live in San Francsico and had always wanted to move back. We knew that city was out of the question both because of the $$ but also we were looking for a quieter lifestyle. My husband assured me there were afforable places in the state and I have to say I thought he was wrong and did not believe this.  I began to cast my internet search powers out there and came across this womderful hidden jewel called Lake County California located two hours north of San Francisco but rural and affordable. Boy was i glad to have been wrong!

Long story short we made plans to visit the area. We choose the coldest time of the year because I wanted to make sure the 21 years in Florida hadn’t made me too delicate for cool weather.  I searched the realtor internet pages daily,made lists of what was selling and for how much, we also made friends with some folks from the area so we could get a better idea of what day to day life would be like. I also became pre qualified for a home loan so we could move on it while we were in the state if we found a home we wanted to buy.

 Our plane put down in Sacremento which is about a 90 minute drive and it was love at first sight, two days after being here we put an offer on a home that was what the realtors call a “Diamond in the rough”  

We knew it was going to be our home.   The view is a million dollar view and sold the home though the house was not expensive. The floor plan was just about perfect and having learned the $$$$ remodeling lesson I vowed to do as much of the work as I could. We have halved our living expenses and I am now devoting myself full time to our home and the art of home making.ImageThis is the view from our back porch…. I love living here in the tree tops.

Welcome to kandysland

Welcome to Kandy’s land

I’ve started this blog to as a way of sharing ideas about the art of home making.  I invite you on this journey as I explore the art of home making. I believe your home is an extension of ones creativity I think of it as a living canvas.

Home is the place where you  express living artwork in many ways, such as creating amazing meals, tending a garden, decorating, arts / crafts, reading great books and even home repairs.

Since home to me is my special place in the world it should reflect what is unique in the members of my family, not some decorators idea of what is in fashion this season.

So I hope you will join me and lets see what great ideas we can share